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The trying teen years
- Yarnus on 04-Jan-02 01:31 AM
School, part-time job, siblings, parents, friends, values, dreams... then there's the phase where I feel immature, but dad calls me a kid, then I feel childish, but I'm looked up to. All the while, all I want is to be likeable physically and mentally. Any other teens having the same problem? (Not to exclude you totally-cool adults, but I'm just curious.)

dingbatprincess on 28-Apr-02 06:13 PM
*talk about it*

at least there's 1 other teen here!

mustang on 13-Feb-03 10:33 PM
Yep that would be me ,in all areas. especially the physical one , i can't even stand to loook at myself in the mirror most times and that deffinately sucks

TruthBTold on 26-Nov-03 02:28 PM
i feel sooo similar to you,im 18...whenever my dad says 'you have nothing to complain about wait until you get older',it makes me think peter pan had the right idea... *grins*

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