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- rasco on 07-Apr-02 04:04 PM

For me weight loss is a high maitenance activity that includes planning and preparation. If I don't plan and prepare the "right" foods I will (gladly) choose the wrong ones. Taking the time to do all that...shop, chop and cook, is just one way I can take care of me. I am hoping this ritual becames as innately habitual as brushing my teeth!!

looking forward to hearing from you!!

dingbatprincess on 28-Apr-02 05:59 PM

do u like food enuf to wear it?

quod me nutruit, me destruit (what nourishes me, destroys me)

thin has a taste all it's own.

how many pounds till i'm happy how many pounds till i'm thin three more pounds till i'm skinny three more pounds and i win!! (short term goal i guess)

cravings only last a few minutes. thin is worth a few minutes.

calories don't give you happiness.

you often get more satisfacion from an indulgence you resisted than from the indulgence itself.

every bite i eat, i am letting food control me. every bite i don't eat, i am in control.

every time you say no thanks, you say YES to thin.

we are prisoners of our taste buds...break free.

if i can do this, i can do anything.

a flat stomach is good, a concave stomach is perfect.

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