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I am curious about the same thing
- chubbyknees on 22-May-02 03:44 PM
I am curious about the same thing - i have about 100 pounds to loose as well, and it's sad to say, but part of my problem with loosing weight is picturing what i'll look like AFTER i loose the weight - all saggy & stuff.. not that my body is anything to look at now, but i'm just really curious to know what goes on underneath 100 pounds of fat.

kljesmer on 31-May-02 06:37 PM
I haven't lost 100 pounds, but I need to. I do, however, know several women who have lost that much. Depending on your age & your body shape will determine if & where you have excess, or saggy, skin. But, don't let that stop you. If the issue is the skin and not loss of muscle tone, exercise will not do a lot to tighten it. Skin has a certain amount of elasticity which decreases with age. Even if you can't afford to have surgery to have that excess skin removed, you may be able to donate it to a burn center and they might do the surgery for very cheap or for free. This is just information I've gotten from others who have lost a lot of weight. Good luck!

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