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New Member
- BeachBunny on 08-Jan-03 05:13 PM
Hi everyone, I am new. I just started my new "habbit" (i refuse to call it a diet) yesterday. I have finally hit my "I AM SICK OF ALL THIS DAMN WEIGHT" spot. It isn't like all those other times where I would start a diet every other day, this time it is right. I don't need this weight so I am getting rid of it. I just wanted to say hi and feel free to visit my diary! Hope everyone else is doing well, BB

Fraulein on 12-Oct-04 11:04 AM
I am a new member as well. What's worse is I am a chapter leader of a weight loss group called TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) and I'm not being a very inspiring leader. It's tims to prove myself a worthy leader. Feel free to read my diaries and when I get around to filling out my BIO y'all can read that too. Have a good day!!!

littleEdi on 03-Sep-06 11:10 AM
I'm new too. Grateful for the site. Trying to stay motivated.

hollybelle on 19-Sep-06 11:43 AM
I am new here, too. I really LOVE the fact that you talk about your "new habit". That is how I am referring to my "plan" as well. "Diet" even sounds temporary used in the way our culture uses it. I have finally hit my "spot" too and I know I can't focus too much on "weight loss" per se, but "healthy eating" is more my focus - let's see what happens. Sorry to use so many ""s. I'll look for your posts.

JustVisiting on 20-Sep-06 05:21 PM
Hi! I'm a newbie, too. I think I remember this forum from many years ago in an entirely different format, but I could be mistaken. Anyhow, I'm just waving for now!

AnnieR on 29-Sep-06 11:20 AM
I am new also, this site is great just reading all the posts makes me want to do better. I don't think of myself on a diet, but this is my way of life because the alternative is no life. Welcome everyone.

xhlar8t on 29-Sep-06 01:06 PM
Great work.

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