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When you Binge
- justgonnadoit on 03-Mar-07 09:03 AM
Just curious, if maybe there is a pattern to bingeing. Like me for instance, I have this week right now before I actually start my Hospital weight loss program. Kind of like the countdown for me.

Just curious to see, what spawns or usually spawns you to binge eat? Do you plan it? Is it emotional eating? Just want some others thoughts.

redchickadee08 on 03-Mar-07 03:02 PM
when i binge, it's usually because of something that has happened -- DEFINITELY emotional eating. like, something bad will happen and i will decide there is no hope for me OR my diet anyway, so i may as well give up. then i just eat and eat. that is typically what happens. i used to be totally unconcious of it, but now, i am completely aware -- and it usually makes me feel worse!

One more Time on 04-Mar-07 06:31 AM
For me the BINGE eating is all about emotions. When I think about it eating does not take away the frustrations or any other feelings we might be having that need to be confronted. I need to think before I act on comforting myself with food.

borntocry on 04-Mar-07 12:18 PM
Reasons I go on a binge (in this order):

1) I have a bad day, and think that the only thing which will cheer me up is an insane amount of food (it rarely works).

2) After several low-calorie days, my weight inexplicably goes up, so I tell myself that if I'm going to gain weight anyway, I might as well eat.

3) Some unexpected temptation takes me over my calorie limit for the day, so I decide to just throw the whole day away and get in all those treats which I know I will not allow myself when I get back on track the next day.

4) I am stressed and food is the only thing which will calm my nerves.

5) I go on holiday and decide to go off my diet so I can fully enjoy myself, and that leads me to try to eat as much as I possibly can before the holiday ends and I have to go back on my diet.

6) Boredom.

7) Extreme hunger after a few weeks on a low-calorie diet.

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