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Food Inc.
- Supercheese on 25-Apr-11 08:19 PM

SO, It might be because Im graduation soon and feel like I needa spread my knowledge of environmental food safety and stuff but this movie is actually really important and well made!

Food Inc. exposes what our American agriculture and herdiculture systems are like. It was a shocker to me to find out that everything we eat is basically corn and that animals are treated so poorly! Its actually kind of gross....


Also, if you guys would like to know the wonders of fast food.....Rent Supersize Me. Gotta say it definitely keeps me away from fast food and was an eye opener! 



KathyBlue on 26-Apr-11 03:12 AM
I have Food Inc. Also, I posted a link on DD's secret Facebook group wall, about the Top 10 documentaries on Food, you can find Food Inc. and Supersize Me among them.

Umpqua on 26-Apr-11 05:36 AM
Both great documentaries, and I have slowly changed the way I grocery shop after watching Food Inc. One of my friends (who really needs to lose weight btw) will not watch Food Inc. because she "doesn't want to know." I think everyone should know!

getmebackto150 on 26-Apr-11 09:12 AM
Watching Food Inc last year played a HUGE role in my becoming a vegetarian... It really opened my eyes!

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