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What is Your Tactics for a Buffet Meal?
- YellowDress on 29-Apr-11 05:32 PM

 How do you stop yourself while choosing meals from a buffet?  What do you think while choosing it?

thinkpositive on 29-Apr-11 10:48 PM
Good one- as I just went to a buffet dinner last night. First I looked the whole buffet over with a walk around- determined that there were a few stations with different foods at each. Then did a sampling of the foods I liked and that were in my calorie range.Also I took some fruit that was at the dessert table with my entree plate (while I still had my will power )so I wouldn't revisit the dessert table!

KathyBlue on 30-Apr-11 08:44 AM
Stopping doesn't work for me so I try to choose the healthiest, always avoiding deep-fried stuff and suspicious consistencies, and I also say NO to sauces, except for soy sauce.

hollybelle on 30-Apr-11 04:25 PM
Most of the time food on a buffet is a dissappointment taste wise for me = quanity instead of quality, I find. So I try to remember that and then when I go to the buffet I initially start out trying the things I think I will most likely like in very small quantities - like a spoonful and then taste test them. If it turns out I do like something I settle on that and go back for a reasonable helping. Then I eat slowly so my brain has time to realize that my stomach is full. Drinking a big glass of water beforehand can help fill you up so you can't overeat, too. I am a pretty picky eater, so this works for me. I hope it helps you.

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